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Tuesday - Saturday   10am - 6pm
Clothes Swap FAQ

How does it work?

We host this event every year to benefit a Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County. 
We collect donated clothing, shoes and accessories from people like you and set them all up on the day of the event. 
Guests donate items to attend and enjoy refreshments, appetizers and shopping at the event!
The idea is "Bring a bag take a bag". Each bag of donated items equates to a shopping bag to fill up the day of the event.

Can I donate without attending?

YES! You are welcome to drop off items without attending the event. We do ask that you drop off your items in advance it possible to give us time to set things up.

Can I attend without donating?

Yes, tickets without a donation are $15. Ticket sales are donated to Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County. Though the idea of the swap is to bring a bag then take a bag. It wouldn’t really be a swap if everyone only took. 

Can I bring my items the day of?

Yes. Though we encourage you to drop off your donations at least two days prior to the event. This gives us more time to set all of the clothing up which makes for a much more pleasant shopping experience.

Do I need to bring a shopping bag?

No. Shopping bags will be supplied by Spa Mamas. You will exchange your donations for an empty shopping bag.

What happens to the left over donations?

All remaining donations are collected and given directly to DVS of Snohomish County. Most of the donations are taken to their Thrift Store, New and Again located in Everett. 
"The New & Again Thrift Shoppe came into existence, due to the generous support of the Snohomish County community. Current shelter and housing clients along with their children have access to donated items at no cost to them via a voucher program. Some housing clients are given the opportunity to choose furnishings for their apartment, taking their things with them after graduation from the program. The store is open to the public and all proceeds from the sale of items to the public go back into the general fund to help provide further services for victims of domestic violence." -Courtesy